NaturalWaves - Your Sound. Your Balance.

NaturalWaves is an exclusive product and unique worldwide.

With great care we will create an audio file for you with your personal data such as name, first name, birthday, place of birth, handiness, height, weight, sex, which no one else in the world will ever have. Since your NaturalWaves is not an “assembly line” product, the creation process takes some time, so delivery may take a few days after receipt of order. By purchasing your NaturalWaves, you are making a one-time investment with no follow-up costs, from which you will benefit for a lifetime.

After the payment process you will be redirected to a page with a form where you will be asked to fill in your personal information so we can create your individual NaturalWaves audio file.

With a one-time payment you are purchasing a product that will accompany you for a lifetime. As an example the comparison with a dietary supplement which costs you about 80 EUR per month. In 6 months you have already spent 480 EUR, in one year 960 EUR. In 10 years a stately sum of 9.600,00 EUR

This compares to your personal NaturalWaves audio file when you make a one-time payment at a price of 390.00 EUR – ONE-TIME.

You can use this product for the rest of your life without any further expenses.

My Life Balance Germany Ltd. & Co.KG