NaturalWaves - Your Sound. Your Balance.

NaturalWaves is an exclusive product and unique worldwide

A genuine alternative for conscious people and a supplement to conventional medicine

Bring yourself and your cells through the result of consistent further development and utilization of primordial natural sounds with NaturalWaves back into balance

The following physical and mental disorders can be positively changed by NaturalWaves:

Bring your cells back into balance with primal sounds from outer space

You can achieve more physical and mental vitality, mental clarity and more joy of life

  • Without having to take medication
  • Without having to fear side effects
  • Without contraindications with other therapies
  • Without contraindications to medication, food supplements etc.

Anywhere and always usable
for everyone for a lifetime!

NaturalWaves - Urtöne aus dem Weltall

From primordial sounds from outer space to NaturalWaves

NASA data are usually analyzed and visualized by astronomical spectroscopy. Until one day, more by chance, a scientist at the University of Washington had the idea to shift this data into the audible range. Basically, this was not really new, because other data had been brought into the audible range for the human ear with the help of sonification. But, this was the first time the original frequencies of the CMB sound spectrum were available in an audible version. We asked ourselves the question of how these oscillation patterns could be practically used to compensate for imbalances or deficits. This was the beginning of the development of NaturalWaves.

The human ear can normally perceive frequencies between 20 Hertz and 20,000 Hertz. Most frequencies of our everyday life are in the range of 200 Hz to 5,000 Hz. This is also perceived as pleasant by most people. Shifting electromagnetic waves into this audible range is technically speaking no great effort. Only what comes out of it is not particularly intoxicating in the truest sense of the word.

In order to make the vibration information pleasantly audible, the individual frequencies were then underlaid with instruments or the human voice with the help of the music modification. Combined in an audio file they form a harmonic unit.

The NaturalWaves address the cell-consciousness precisely, absolutely individually and in its own language. The cell is supplied with healthy vibrational information. It recognizes the frequency necessary for it and accepts it when needed.

Health is a precious commodity

However, it is endangered by stress and the constantly increasing environmental pollution. Lack of energy, listlessness up to the burnout syndrome or worse are often the result.

The indicator light principle

How would you react if a mechanic in the car just turns off the lights and claims that the problem is solved?

For your organism, the situation is comparable if you go the conventional way and take only medication, for example. You no longer see the light, but the cause remains!

By listening to NaturalWaves, your body can be regularly alerted to deficiencies and any necessary repairs can be supported. The NaturalWaves do not manipulate your subconscious. Your organism is free to decide where and in what order the imbalances can be corrected.

Dysbalances are comparable to the red indicator lights in a car. Like a good mechanic, NaturalWaves check the cause of the “indicator light” lighting up in your organism and support the repair. In this way, other causes for “red indicator lights” to light up can also be permanently reduced. This is easy and simple.

To create your personal NaturalWaves audio file, we need some information from you. These are specific, last name, first name, date of birth, place of birth, handiness, gender, height and weight.

This information is used exclusively to create your NaturalWaves and will be deleted immediately. The result is the worldwide unique individual tone sequence with a length of about 74 minutes, your personal symphony.

All you need to do is listen to it softly in the background, e.g. in the car, at home, at work or at night, and feel the positive reaction of your body.

The creation of your NaturalWaves audio file is as individual as your data. Therefore, it is in the nature of things that it may take some time before you receive your personal symphony.

NaturalWaves - audio sample

Convenient payment by instalments

Duration 6 months
6 x monthly
  • personalized NaturalWaves
  • Audio file to download
  • USB stick as data backup

For cool

One-time payment
  • personalized NaturalWaves
  • Audio file to download
  • USB Stick as data backup

ONLY 3 monthly instalments

Duration 3 months
3 x monthly
  • personalized NaturalWaves
  • Audio file to download
  • USB Stick as data backup

You acquire with a one time payment a product which will accompany you for a lifetime. As an example the comparison with a food supplement which costs you about 80 EUR per month. In 6 months you have already spent 480 EUR, in one year 960 EUR. In 10 years a handsome sum of 9,600.00 EUR.

This compares to your personal NaturalWaves audio file when you make a one-time payment at a price of 390.00 € - ONE-TIME.
You can use this product for a lifetime without any further expenses.

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