NaturalWaves - Your Sound. Your Balance.

A genuine alternative for conscious people and a supplement to conventional medicine

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The audios are produced and distributed by
My Life Balance Germany Ltd & Co.KG.

NaturalWaves are the result of the consistent further development and utilization of primordial natural sounds

By sonifying and musifying the measured data from space, we were able to create what we call NaturalWaves.

NaturalWaves are tone sequences that specifically address levels of being in humans for which a change is desired and needed.

The culmination of our work was the development of a method that makes it possible to create a unique tone sequence for each person based on specific data. By means of a calculation developed by us, we have succeeded in providing each person with an individual tone composition tailored only to him or her in order to promote the development of his or her potential on all levels.

Petra Weiß

Company founder

Christian Brand

Company founder

We would like to point out that NaturalWaves is not an orthodox medicine approved product. We strongly recommend that you consult your doctor or alternative practitioner if you have any complaints. We expressly point out that all information on these pages about NaturalWaves is not a healing statement and is based on empirical experience without exception. They are not to be understood as a diagnosis or therapeutic recommendation. They have not been checked for accuracy and completeness by any health authority. The products and recommendations offered here are in no way a substitute for consultation with a doctor, alternative practitioner or pharmacist.

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